As I am writing this, the north of my country has been hit by massive floods. People are loosing everything they have, and It's hard to keep on writing, when you know that people are suffering. My mom and I went to the Red cross yesterday and gave some food and clothes  that were delivered to the people in need. And, even though the situation seems to stabilize right now, the people that are left with nothing will have a hard time moving on. 

Here in the south life goes on as usual. People are mobilizing to help the north of the country, and lots of food and clothes is being collected as we speak. I will make another drive later on to give some blankets and more clothes.

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Otherwise, cherry season is in full swing here, and plum red cherries are to be seen everywhere. You can buy them in these little blue containers, that contrast quite well with the red.

Some gardening is also on it's way. We bought these cute little yellow flowers called "Slippers" (I don't know their proper name). We planted them later on.

Mom got some basil, which was also planted in a small pot.

My flowers, which I planted a couple of weeks back are starting to grow and bloom, and look quite nicely in the flower bed. I planted white and purple ones.

Beni is up to his usual thing, wondering about and making sure the everything is in order in his terrain.

So that's life now. I hope the situation in regards to the floods will start to quiet down. We have never been hit my a weather phenomenon like this before. Thank you all for stopping by, and wherever you are stay safe.


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