Some of you have already seen the news about the floods in Bosnia, and I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and well wishes. Here in the south, were I live, everything is fine, but the north of the country is suffering and people are losing everything as I type this down.

Earth erosion took down a lot of houses and remote villages are completely cut off. But it has also spread to major cities located along the main rivers in northern Bosnia. The floods have now spread to Croatia, as well as Serbia, where the biggest hits are yet to come.

All of the images in this post are not by me, and have been collected from various news sources.

There are also sanitary problems that have sprung, because the main water supplies for all of the places that are hit by this have been contaminated. 

Earth erosion is still active, and the uneven terrain is taking down houses. People are loosing everything they have within minutes. There have also been many dead people, found, either in the remains of destructed houses as well as in the floods.

It's hard to go on and write happy posts here, when there is so much pain around me right now, but since this blog is also a vehicle for communication with the outside world, I wanted to put it to good use.

The Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina is right there where help is needed, and people around here (myself included) have been donating food and clothes. Money can also be donated directly to the Red Cross, and all the funds go directly into helping the people there. Right now, they need sanitary supplies, work related equipment and 

Please keep the people affected by this, in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you.


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