It seemed as if the weather would never brighten up, as we drove up the hills. After having left the village of Krusevljani, we moved on, in our journey of discovery. The next destination proved to be much more cheerful, then the last.

The wide plains and mountains we saw from these hills were magnificent. The dark clouds added a great touch of drama to the landscape shots.

But in order for you to really appreciate the uniqueness and grandeur of these shots, you have to know that southeast and southwest Herzegovina isn't really known for these types of landscapes. The dominant formations in these regions are called "krs" which are stone heavy, barren and dry. That's why these lusgh greens and wide fields surprised us.

In the next part we will visit an abandoned school, right on the main road we were traveling on.
This is a multi-part series. Other parts include:
Part One:
The Drive East

Part Two:
Inside the Village

Part Three:
Plains and Mountains of Herzegovina
Part Four:
The Abandoned School
Part Five:
Goodbye to the Past
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We were on the top of a hill, which had these really wide fields of green grass, and in the middle of it, lone trees were gracing the surroundings.

The small road we were traveling on continued into the mountains. There are no more villages further into the hills, but my guess is that this small road, connects so the main road.

I have written about dramatic black and white landscapes before (click here for the tutorial). I used this next image for a black and white edit.

The weather was turning really bad. In fact a rain shower surprised us 30 minutes later. Luckily, by then, we were already in the car, driving to the next stop. If you look closely you can actually see the rain falling in the distance.

A shot of the plains and fields we were traveling on. You can see the road we were driving on far away by the mountain slopes.

One of my personal favorites is this next image. The trees offered up a great shelter from the wind that was blowing. I loved the sound of the wind against the grass and leaves in the trees.

We eventually hiked back to our car. The wind was growing stronger up here.

We left the colorful and dramatic landscapes behind us.

As we were driving through the village from part two, back to the main road, we came across these very old grave stones, probably dating back to the Ottoman Empire. It was a true reminder of how old these parts of the country are.

End of Part Three
To be continued...

Thanks so much for visiting. I am really glad that this series seems to have hit the spot for you. I hope you will enjoy the next part as well. We will visit an abandoned school. But it's a very unusual and rural one, and a type you may have not seen before


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