While my friend Selma and I were making our way back from the countryside, we drove past the king Herceg Stjepan Fortress, that is located a couple of miles south from Mostar, next to the town of Blagaj. 

The medieval building – also known as Stjepan city, is situated on the late antique fort above Blagaj, and was actually a city palace enclosed by hard walls with jagged peaks, that are still visible today.

I visited this place before, and have made a series about it (which you can view here), but I haven't seen it from this angle. The main road offered up a nice view of the whole fortress and the hill on which it is situated.

click on the images for a bigger view

As I said, if you want to visit this place in-depth, see it's surroundings, the way up, and what lies inside of it, click here for the series called: "The Old Fortress".


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