If you ever wanted to see what it looks like when I'm out on one of my shoots, then this is the post for you. I usually don't have time to shoot behind the scenes images, but since I was out to shoot more timelapse photography, I knew I had some downtime, while the camera was snapping away.

That's why I brought my old 350D with me, and my cousin Azra and I made some behind the scenes shots, as well as some landscape images.

And as I said earlier, we were out to shoot more landscapes, since the comments were so positive on the recent timelapse photography I did on my 600th post. You can expect a longer video with the new material in the upcoming days.

click on the images for a bigger view

We arrived on these fields, just as the sun was starting to set. I knew I wanted to make at least three timelapse shots that day, so we came a bit early to set everything up.

The Canon 6D has a neat wifi function built in, and you can connect your mobile device to it, and control the camera through an app. That way we made a shot every 3 seconds for 15 minutes for 3 scenes.

Azra made this picture, positioning the camera to look through her sunglasses.

In timelapse there is a lot of waiting. You spend a lot of time setting everything up, but once the shooting starts you wait and wait...

I love the clouds we were getting on that day. Especially this one, hovering above the mountain Velez. The big puffy cloud was moving at a great speed, which I'm sure will turn out great in the timelapse video.

As we departed with the landscapes for the day, I made this landscape. The sun was setting behind me, and gave some great colors to the surroundings. Our journey is not done yet. We will return multiple times here to get various angels and views (and maybe even nighttime shots!) .

I hope you enjoyed spending some time with us in the fields shooting away. I love going on mini trips to these types of locations, where you can really let go and feast the eyes on the beauty of nature.


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