As January is heading towards the mid-point, it's time to wrap up the travel series to Split. Split is a coastal city, but not very well known for swimming beaches. The old town center, even though located right on the promenade (which you saw in part four) is essentially a harbor, which means people have to drive to the outskirts of Split in order to go for a swim.

Our hotel was luckily outside of the city center of Split, which meant we had an opportunity to visit and enjoy the surrounding beaches. And it's with those images that I want to close out this little trip we made.

Our Travel to Split is made up of multiple parts. Other parts include:
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Start of the Day

It was around 10 o'clock when we left the hotel to take a walk. We had just finished up with breakfast, and needed some relaxation time. The weather outside was great, since the winds that had plagued us the day before were coming to a stand still. A narrow path leads you from the hotel to the beach. Through the lens of my camera it felt like summer, but the cold proved us otherwise.

Some early-birds were strolling along the walking lane along the beach, including bicyclists, and parents with baby strollers.

If it weren't for the empty beach, this next shot could fool someone into thinking that we visited here in summer.

Lonely Views

On the other hand, I really enjoyed having the vast beaches to myself. It allowed me to take some nice landscapes of this place, that would otherwise be impossible. I can only imagine the crowds of people that storm this beach in summer. But with the sunshine and blue sky, the place seemed like a deserted summer place. Through the pines we spotted a little pier with a bridge, and decided to head out there next.

The front end of the pier, looking out onto the Adriatic Sea.

Some dogs were enjoying the empty beach.

In a World of Blue

The water was very inviting, even though extremely cold. Looking at the images I just want to take a swim, but as the day progressed, so did the winds. By the time we came to the end of the walking lane along the beach, the cold rushed back, which ultimately lead to us returning to the hotel and enjoying the spa inside of it. But we didn't leave before I made some final shots from the beach.

A closed-for-the-season, beach bar, was on the other end of the shore.

As we departed from the shoreline, I took one last glimpse back and made this next photo. Maybe we'll return to this place once summer comes back.

I hope you enjoyed the images from our trip to Split.

Do you ever visit the beach in winter?

I hope to start with the promised USA travel series with the next post on Sunday.


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