Finding interesting photo subjects during rainy winter days can be quite challenging. While I wrote on this subject before, I recently felt the need to act upon my own words. That's why I decided to venture out into nearby mountains. Rain had been plaguing us for a couple of days in a row. Every day, while looking out of the windows of my room, I noticed heavy fog banks rolling over the hills.

I thought to myself, rain does create a dull atmosphere, but fog doesn't. That was my main motivation to drive out. In this tree part series, I hope to show you these regions in a new light, but also reflect on life in nature during these still months.

This is a multi-part series. Other parts include:
Part One: Isolation
Part Two: Inside
Part Three: Return

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Up and Beyond

We drove out around 11 o'clock. While midday was approaching, the darkness had already set in over the nearby slopes of mountain Velez. Driving out here from the city takes about half an hour, some due to the distance, and on the other hand, due to the bad condition, the single track road is in. Once you reach the top, there is a spot where earth and sky meet, and it creates a really great effect. Especially with the fog in the background. It's almost otherworldly.

Isolation in the Mountauns

The slopes here, still had some snow on them, that recently visited the higher altitudes of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the beginning of last week. The valley of Mostar was covered in fog, which hid the houses and buildings. There is nothing up here. Only vast fields and mountains in the far back. It's really a great spot to tank in some fresh air.

Maybe if you enlarge the next image you will be able to see some buildings of Mostar hidden inside the fog. We tried hard, but from so high up, it was almost impossible. Nevertheless the sights were very interesting.

Moving in Deeper

We left our first look out spot, and continued driving deeper into the mountains. Luckily my red car was very much visible even in the fog, so we didn't have to search for it. On the other hand, it pierced the grey landscapes with a splosh of color. Our next destination was the foothill of mountain Velez, even though none of us were sure If we were going to see it because of the mist.

Some lonely and isolated winter green pines were spread out in the fields, and created an interesting viewpoint. Snow was to be found here as well.

Foothill of Mountain Velez

Our fears were justified. As we approached the foothill of mountain Velez we could only see the thick layer of clouds and fog that were engulfing it, almost completely. I could only imagine the heavy rain or snow that was falling behind the veil of grey. It did create a mysterious photo. Since there wasn't much left here to shoot, we went back to the car, and continued driving to our next spot: the woods. You will discover, what we saw there in the next part.

End of Part One
To be continued...

What do the landscapes look like in your corners of the world?


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