As our stay in the mountains came to an end, it was time to drive down into the foggy valley of the city Mostar. It was only 2 in the afternoon when we were driving back home, yet the clouds and the fog darkened the cityscapes in front of us. I'm leaving this last part without many words, I hope the images will speak for themselves. Have a great weekend and enjoy the sights ahead.

This is a multi-part series. Other parts include:
Part One: Isolation
Part Two: Inside
Part Three: Return

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A lone road going into the City:

A look back into the Mountains:

Mostar valley covered in Fog:

Leaving the Woods

These regions are known for sunny days, even in winter. So seeing so much fog and rain is certainly not an usual sight. On the other hand, having these clouds hovering above the city made for an interesting photo opportunity. I hope you enjoyed this little trip.

The End


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