I am interrupting the Split travel posts to quickly share with you some leftover images I had from December 2014. I was visiting Sarajevo, and traveled along the newly build highway A1, most parts of which, are still under construction. The A1 is part of the Corridor Vc and, together with two Croatian motorways (A10 and A5) and the Hungarian M6, will provide a modern and fast road connection from Budapest to Ploce (in Croatia), an important seaport on the Adriatic Sea.

The most complicated section of the road to build will be the Sarajevo-Mostar stretch. It will need viaducts and tunnels to cross the Dinaric Alps.

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The sun was setting as we reached this resting area. The surrounding mountains were covered in freshly fallen snow, and a small village could be seen on their foothills. I thought that the surroundings looked very idyllic.

The highway looking north to Sarajevo, with big signs warning you not to drive into this direction. This resting area, although stripped of any gas stations or restaurants was very big, and offered a lot of parking spots.

Snapping away, I also had someone who spotted me. :)
Maybe you need to enlarge the next image to see what I mean.

Since It was very cold outside, right after I took the shots, I went back to the car, continuing my journey home.

You can see the planned highway on the map that follows. The blue parts are finished, the red ones planned, and the orange ones under construction right now.

I hope you had a great start into the new week, and I'm back on Wednesday with a whole new post from Split that I'm really excited about. So stay tuned. 


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