Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and last Sunday my friends and I made a day trip to it. We had the luck of having really great weather on that day, and all the sights just screamed out: spring is here! Sarajevo is a big and beautiful city. It's located in central Bosnia and Herzegovina and, as opposed to Mostar, has a more calm temperature scale during spring/summer, which makes visiting it that much more enjoyable. 

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Our trip started at the BBI Shopping Center and the nearby city park, called Parkusa. There were a lot of people out in the city on this day.

This park is special, since it houses many interesting things of interest, like for example these old gravestones from the XVI century called Stecci.

Of course the blossoming trees made for the best photo ops.

This spot in the busy city is actually very calm, and you can definitely stop here and take a breath.

Next up is another object of interest: a memorial to the children killed during the Siege of Sarajevo in the war from 1992.

The park leads uphill to some really beautiful houses and residential buildings.

A view out of the park into the busy city life.

Next shot shows the BBI Shopping Center, which opened a couple of years ago. It replaced the old Sarajka Shopping Center that was build here in former Yugoslavia.

We made our way to the old town of Sarajevo, called Bascarsija, to have some lunch.

Next up: the newly built Hotel Europe.

A shot from the aforementioned Bascarsija:

After lunch we made our way through the main walking lane in Sarajevo, called Ferhadija, onto the more busy Titova street.

As we made our way back to the car, we were joined by our friend Belma and the wonderful and sweet dog Lily, whom Belma rescued from the street. Now she is also enjoying life in Sarajevo.

I hope you enjoyed our recent day trip, and let me know what you think about Sarajevo in the comments below.


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