There are many places around Mostar (the city where I live in) that fascinate even me, as a local. These mountain ranges won't be on any tourist map nor will many local people know that this place even exists. But it's there. Tucked behind mountain Velez, and isolated road takes you past the village Zijemlja, and ultimatley leads to Nevesinje. Somewhere in between, these sights await you. The images were taken with my phone camera, so excuse the quality this time.

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The landscapes here are mostly bare. Spring, even though in full swing now in the lower regions, is nowhere to be found here. There is even fresh snowfall on the surrounding mountains.

Many isolated spots can be found here, and the strangely calming combination of blue and brown is mostly piercing the color scheme.

But there is hope of spring as well. Some trees are beginning to show buds, and I can only imagine for now, what these regions must look like, when green returns.

Mountain Velez, firmly positioned in the background and gleaming majestically over the rest of the landscape.

Do you have any isolated spots near you, that you like to venture out to, from time to time?


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