Our Road Trip continues. After finishing up our stay at the Boracko Lake, we drove the road further south to the little village Glavaticevo. The village is located on the upper stream of the river Neretva, and from the Boracko Lake it only takes 20 minutes to get there. Our main goal was to have lunch there and I want to show you some sights from this place in this post.

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South to Glavaticevo

Again, here is a map to show you where Glavaticevo is located. To get there you take the same side road from Konjic you take for the Boracko Lake. It's definitely a scenic route, as mountain ranges, river streams and curious places will pass you by. It takes about 40 minutes to get there by car from Konjic.

And one of those spots worth a stop are the abandoned buildings I showed earlier, as well as this gas station, that closed only a couple of years back.

Restaurant "Vrelo Biser"

This small, river side, restaurant called "Vrelo Biser" (translated "Pearl Spring") can be found after entering Glavaticevo after crossing a bridge that leads out of the village. Right after the bridge, you have to turn left, drive to a small gate to the parking spot. This place is run by a married couple and while it doesn't offer much food, what's there is well worth eating.

During colder days you can sit inside the house here, but the day was sunny and warm and we had to sit by the river and enjoy the sights.

There are two fronts of tables. One in the small garden, and the other right next to the river Neretva. The stream here is fast and fresh, and amazing to look at.

Relaxing the Soul

As we sat down, calm immediatley took over. I can't really describe the feeling of sitting here. Maybe we needed the rest after a long drive, maybe we were hungry, but whatever the reason, I know that at this point we knew that it was well worth taking the road trip. A swinging chair can be found next to the tables, and while you wait for your food, you can enjoy it as well.

Lots of cats are living here, and are also waiting for your food order to arrive. But they are very cute and not to invasive. Mostly they enjoy the food and love here that they get from the visitors, but also sleeping during a warm and sunny day.


We ordered freshly grilled trout, and they make it right outside on an open grill. The smells are so good, and make you even more impatient to eat. But its also very nice to look at, and I think that the owners build everything themselves here out of wood and stones. Everything is carefully designed and has a certain rustic charm.

The food is very affordable here, and you get a lot for your money. We ordered the fish, potatoes, salad, homemade bread and fresh cheese as well as drinks. 4 of us ate for a total of 30$, which was not a lot. We were surprised, but above all, it was fresh and delicious. I really recommend this establishment.

The Road Home

After our lunch was over, we drove a little bit more through the countryside, until eventually heading back home. The whole road trip took us 7-8 hours in total, and was very relaxing. On another note, it was a new part of Bosnia and Herzegovina that I didn't explore before. Upon returning I definitely made the decision to go back here, and explore this area even further. And I hope to do that very soon.

What do you think of Glavaticevo?


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