The Rama Lake is an artificially created lake on the Rama river, in the municipality of Prozor. A lone road leads through the mountain Makljen, and along various resting places you can enjoy these sights I'm leaving you with for today. Following this road north leads you to the towns of Jajce and Banja Luka, amongst others, while venturing south leads you to my hometown Mostar.

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The lake itself is a bit hidden from the main road, but it's nothing a good zoom lens can't handle. Of course driving down into the village will get you very close to the lake itself. It was created in 1968 with the build of the Rama Dam, which was then used for generating electricity. And that's still happening today.

The next image shows you the views south from the Makljen mountain. This stretch of road is not liked by many drivers, for the many curves, uphill drive and icy conditions in winter.

But, life during spring, shows another side of these regions, which is in my opinion very welcoming.

These landscapes are great at this time of year, and places of interest nearby are the Jablanica Lake, the city of Konjic as well as the Nature resort Blidinje, which is on my to-visit list for 2015, so I hope to make it there soon.

Would you like to see more from these specific parts of my country? I hope to visit again soon and make more images.


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