We have arrived at the best part of our recent hike to the spring of the river Sanica. I haven't been in these parts of the mountains for 6 years now, so exploring this place from a new perspective, was very interesting. On the other hand, lots of things had changed, mainly the paths, which were now flooded with water. Thus, the last stretch of our hike proved to be the most difficult one.

This is a two-part photo series. Other parts include:
Journey to the Sanica River Spring - Part One
Journey to the Sanica River Spring - Part Two

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The first sight that greeted us, once we crossed (by foot) the river Sanica to the other side, were many waterfalls. Some small, others bigger, some man made, others natural. The sun came out of the clouds for a moment and gave me some nice light to take the photos. It wouldn't last long though. As we made our way deeper into the wilderness, a storm could be heard in the distance.

The last stretch of the hike

As we climbed the last hill, and came down again into the valley, we could finally see the hardest part of the journey in front of us. The waterfalls on the right side of the next image had always been there, but the path on the left side, was now completely destroyed, and covered by the river stream. In the middle, huge rocks made the path even more challenging. Beni was in no condition to track over those huge rocks, so a decision had to be made...

I took Beni in my arms, and slowly we made our way through the big rocks. It was the hardest part of the hike, and took everything out of us. But we were so close to the river spring, that it would have been crazy to stop here and turn around.

So we marched bravely through the water and rocky terrain. We did have rubber boots on our feet this time, but even they couldn't prevent the water from the stream to get to us. In the next image you will see the gate and fence that surrounds the actual spring. The gate is shut, but someone before us has made a huge gap in the fence, through which we could get into the inner part of the spring.

At the River Spring

So we finally made it to the spring of the river Sanica. The water here is crystal clear and clean. We dropped our water bottles into the spring and took a big gulp of the refreshing water. It's very strange to come to the spring of a river, and to imagine that from this point on a river is born and makes its journey through the lands.

Looking down onto the river stream, from the actual spring. The water gains momentum, until eventually forcing its way though the mountains.


As we departed, a huge storm was visible in the background. Or at least it seamed that it was in the far background. The last 5-10 minutes of our hike back to the car were spent in the rain, so we did have luck with the overall timing of our adventure. I hope you have enjoyed these images as much as we had fun making them. These regions have been well explored in my last three photo series, and new places are now waiting to be discovered. Until next time...

The End


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