While on a recent in-country travel (the fruits of which you will see in the upcoming week), somewhere in the vast countryside of central Bosnia and Herzegovina, I spotted these run-down and abandoned houses. I stopped my car on the side of the road, and took a look around. Even though there is lots of beauty here (and I hope to show that to you in the images from the actual destinations from that day) these rugged sights somehow caught my attention first.

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When you stand in front of these houses, you can't help but wonder, who lived here, and what these houses were used for. Like in the shot above, the huge entrance into the building is a mystery to me.

On the right side from the houses a destroyed building can be seen. I have no idea what it once was, but by the looks of it seems like a old school or factory.

But there were also functioning buildings here, waiting to be discovered.

After a couple of steps towards the houses I saw a well kept church and a gate leading towards it.

The church is located on the most beautiful field. A small graveyard can be found behind the church towards the hills.

After I took the images, It was time to continue the road trip.

Are there any sights in the countryside like these here, in your parts of the world?


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