We have arrived at the end of the "Secluded Forest" photo series, and I truly believe that I have saved the best images for last. This last stretch of the hike took us into the deep parts of the forest. After having crossed the river Sanica by foot in the previous part, the dirt road took us now along the mountain edge, further into the unknown.

This is a multi-part travel series. Other parts include:
Part One: Into the Wilderness
Part Two: Along the River Stream
Part Three: Deep Forest

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Sounds of Nature

After we crossed the river we walked for about 10 more minutes until we arrived at the next stop of our journey. It was a lonely part of the coast, where you can reach the river and enjoy the sights. Beni stayed on the road, obviously bothered by the sounds of nature.

I really liked this place, because you could enjoy the small waterfalls and see them up close. The green moss is covering all of the rocks, and this adds special interest to the shots.

Deep Woods

We finally made it to the last stretch of the hike. Now we had arrived in the deepest parts of the woods. The bare trees were hanging over us, and I could only imagine the sights here when spring comes back in full swing.

Unusual sights

There were two more sights, that caught my attention. One was a huge rock that fell from the mountain on a tree, and the other...

... was this, almost mythical, rock covered in moss in the middle of the river.


This is as far as we made it on that day. It was late afternoon as we reached another part of the road where the river had cut through the road. But we didn't make this crossing. We had to return in order ti make it back before dark. But this didn't stop us from lingering here in the deep forest for a while and taking in the amazing sights.

Beni was starting to get tired, but he was a real pro in jumping from one rock to the other.

Out of the Woods

The journey back took as long as getting there obviously, but the sights were different when we returned. That really fascinated me. It was almost as if we were traveling for the first time, when we made the way back.

"Catch up guys!"

Mountain Sights

We had made our way out of the woods, and before we returned to the car, I made some more shots of the surrounding mountain Prenj. We weren't really able to see it, while in the woods, but from here you could see it all.

We returned to the car, and made our way back home. A really enjoyable Saturday came to an end, and I hope you enjoyed this series.

The End


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