As we reached the stream of the river Sanica, our hike began to take a whole different turn. Suddenly the noises of nature became more intense, rugged landscapes clearer and the river rushed by us, with its cold whiff. So we made the journey into the deepest parts of the forest, and on our way we saw many interesting things, which I will continue to show you in this second part.

This is a multi-part travel series. Other parts include:
Part One: Into the Wilderness
Part Two: Along the River Stream
Part Three: Deep Forest

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A Short Break on the Shore

As we spotted a nice little path to the shore of the river, we took a small break and rested while I took some images. I loved this little spot, and it was just an indicator of the beauty of nature that awaited us.

Sights from the Forest

The sights along the way were really great to see up close. Spring hasn't really arrived here yet, but there is enough green to show that it will arrive shortly. The path we were hiking on, actually leads to the spring of the river, a couple of miles east from here in the foothills of mountain Prenj.

Beni enjoyed a small break too and drank some fresh water from the river (as did I, and it was so refreshing). But as I later discovered, the rush of the water was a discomforting sound to him, so he shied away from lingering too long on the shoreline.

Mountain Path

I took this next shot to show you the scope of the place, and how little we are compared to the huge trees that were on either side of us. The road became narrower, until we eventually reached a point...

... where it stopped. The river was running through the path, cutting us off from the rest of it, that was on the other side of the river. Beni came close to it...

... but didn't have any intention on swimming through. At first, neither did we. But the wanderlust took over, and a decision had to be made soon.

We stopped here for a moment, and I took some shots of the river crossing the path, while others engaged in different kinds of shoot outs...

...that consisted of dunking a water proof cell phone into the river and taking underwater shots.

Here are some of the results:

Crossing the River

We eventually decided to cross the river to continue our hike into the forest. This is a cold mountain river, and as I plunged my feet into the cold water, it felt like knifes cutting me. Beni had of course no intention of swimming through, so I had to carry him. You will see more of the river crossing in the next part, but luckily for us the journey through it wasn't too long.

Eventually we starred into the darkness of the deep forest that was now in front of us, and the peak of our journey was about to begin...

End of Part Two
To be continued...


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