Some of you may remember my recent "Secluded Forest" photo series, that I did two weeks back. This new two-parter goes back there, but explores the stream of the river Sanica even further, all the way to its spring. And while we are on the topic of spring, those of you who remember the recent images from this place, will immediately notice how much nature has bloomed in just two weeks here.

This is a two-part photo series. Other parts include:
Journey to the Sanica River Spring - Part One
Journey to the Sanica River Spring - Part Two

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My friend Selma and I made a journey to the spring of this small river Sanica back in 2009. So now, 6 years later we marched the same path, but the sights were much different. Of course, this is the first time I shoot these landscapes with my Canon 6D. And this is the first time Beni is visiting the river spring as well.

Deep Nature

I was just blown away by some of the spots along the way. The intense green colors could be seen everywhere, but the sounds of deep nature were the most impressive. We stopped many times during our hike so that I could make these images. After a while nature overcomes you, and the nature

Sounds of the Woods

I love this place because of its isolation. Roads and villages are far, far away, and in the wilderness here sounds of peace and calm take over. It's an amazing way to let your soul and body find rest, and I could easily spend hours here. But our hike had to continue in order to reach the final goal.

Trail through the Forest

The trail becomes more rugged as you trek towards the spring and after a while, marching isn't just following an old dirt road, instead it becomes a true adventure. Beni had a great time in the beginning, but as you will see in part two of this series, the hike would soon become very hard for him and even harder for us.

A Turn in the Journey

This is the furthest point we reached during our recent visit, but in part two of this new photo series, we will hike down this path, all the way to the river spring. Along the way we will see many wonders of nature, from waterfalls, curious man made paths and of course the jewel of the journey: the spring of the river Sanica.

End of Part One
To be continued...


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