Summer is officially here and I had my friends Berina and Adi visiting this past weekend, with their dog Ambi, whom I have written about previously. We ventured out into the local mountains for a walk and to escape the busy city life. I have shown the mountain Rujiste a couple of times on this blog, most recently during the autumn season. Now summer has taken over, everything is in bloom, and it's almost as if you are visiting a completely new place. So come with us and explore the sights.

This is a two part photo series, and includes the following parts:
Part 1: A Hike into the Valley
Part 2: Into the Woods

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A Drive into the Mountains

As we parked our car in the lot, and I took a look through the woods, I immediately noticed the change in nature. I loved the view I had in the next image, with a mountain road (still unfinished) winding up and the many tones of green around it. My attention was also grabbed by a very unusual looking tree, so we had to get closer to inspect it.

It had a hollow bottom, some branches bare, others with some greenery. The clouds above it were also part of the amazing sight. The wind was blowing slowly through the landscape, and up here in the mountains, the air was cold and refreshing. The tree is actually called a Bosnian Pine or Munika, and is a species of pine native to mountainous areas of the Balkans and southern Italy.

Our Companions are Leading the Way

Beni and Ambi of course came along with us. We took them off the leash, and they had a great time playing and roaming. Of course our eyes were on them the whole time, since they also loved to go off the path. Ultimately we went off the path as well, and hiked down into the valley though the forest. We couldn't catch up with them when it came to this steep hill, and so they went first, hopping off into the fields.

Playtime in the Fields

I loved being able to get down and up close with the dogs. It really gave me an opportunity to get some candid shots. We sat down in the shades of the tree line at the exit from the woods, and watched Beni and Ambi play. By this time we had already hiked for about 20 minutes, and also needed a small break.

Summer Landscapes

It was actually great to take a walk here, and there were some other people here too. The area is open and free to explore, with some paths here and there leading you back. The scenery is stunning and I haven't taken photos here in summer. Berina, Adi and Ambi are up next for a group shot.

Beni, of course, was not too far away. He came out from wherever he was hiding, and we continued our walk into the valley.

Life in the Valley

We got to the bottom of the valley and stayed there for a while. There is a fountain here, forming a small lake. The dogs freshened up a bit there, and it was time to return up hill to the car. We took a different way back, that led us through some amazing looking woods in full bloom. But more on that in the next part.

End of Part One
To be continued...


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