As I'm looking out of the window, the hot summer sun is reflected in the windows and cars. The mornings are already very warm, and as the day goes on, the day gets even hotter. Thoughts of beaches and the sea are still distant, but as summer vacations are approaching even they are crossing my mind. 

Days of Summer

Another thing keeping me busy is work, and that is until mid-July, when we go on break. A first short trip has already been planned for that first weekend when we have off. But more on that when the time comes. So what is it about summer that makes the heart grow fonder? A song comes to mind...

Summer Vacation Plans

Keeping in mind the previous bit about the massive workload right now, I haven't even found time to think about this years summer vacation. Last year I went to Sibenik and posted a massive 9-part Travel Series, that to this date is still the most viewed and read travel series on this blog. Check it out under the link above if you haven't seen it.

This year will be calmer and I think we will only go on a short 4 day trip to the beach. I have ordered some new photo gear, which will probably arrive until the end of July, so I'm looking forward to that as well. It's a new lens, I wanted to buy for a long time, but needed to save up so that I could get it. A full review will be posted once I get it.

Back to Work

Even though work is crazy, there will be lots of new posts, travel and lifestyle related. Have you seen my latest Chocolate Donuts Recipe? You should definitely try them. Have you made any plans for your summer vacation? How is summer treating you?


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