I have recently been getting a lot of comments and e-mails in regards to the various Google maps I have been including in my posts. And yes, it's a neat way to show where in the world your story resides, and where the places in your images can be found. Google maps are great because they are interactive. That means that once you place the map into your post, your visitors can enlarge the map, zoom in, roam and search for places of interest. In this post, I will show you how you can add Google Maps into your Blogger Post, but this also works for WordPress and other webpage tools.

click on the screenshots for a bigger view

1. Open Google Maps

Go to google.com/maps and open the page in your browser.

2. Search for the Point of Interest

In the Search box of Google Maps type in the city or point of interest you want to be displayed in your Google map. You can also search for directions and include them as well.

3. Find the Menu

Next to the Search Box you will find the "Menu" icon (three horizontal lines). Click on it and then click on "Share or Embed Map".

4. Customize your Map

A new window pops up. "Share Link" is opened by default, but you need to click on "Embed map". Then you can use the preset settings. I usually go to "Custom size", and type in a size that fits my needs and my blog. The Preferred size for my blog is 640 width, and then I set the height as much as I like (usually 400px). Copy the code that is under the width and height buttons.


5. Place the Google Map in your Blogger Post

Open up your blogger post. Go to HTML, and place the code where you want it to appear. If you are not familiar with HTML, here is a trick. In the "Compose" part of the blogger editor, place a long string of "aaaaaaaa" letters in the place where you want the map to appear. Switch to HTML and find the "aaaaaaaa" string and replace it with the Google Maps code. And yes you can use a different letter :)

And now for the finishing result. Here is the Google map for Sarajevo:

This way, the next time you post a lovely image like the one below, you can include a Google Map to share with us, where exactly it was taken. This method is great for travel posts, when you want to display directions and give a better understanding of the place you have visited.

A Blog Update: You may have noticed the image on the right side of the blog. I have created a new blog page called "Bosnia and Herzegovina" travel guide. You can see it here. It's an overview of all the TRAVEL DESTINATIONS from Bosnia and Herzegovina, that I posted on this blog so far. It's constantly updated. Please check it out, you may discover posts that you have missed previously and that might interest you.


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