After having survived winter and spring photographically, it's time for some photo ideas for summer. I can't believe how fast time is flying. It's like i made those two posts yesterday. The summer season is starting and this is the best time to give some inspiration to the fellow photography enthusiast. I hope you will find something for yourself.

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1. Sunsets

Who can resist the warm glow of the setting sun? And is there a better place to catch those sunsets then a lake (like in the image above), or on the seaside? I don't think so. Sure, you can take sunset images all year round, but lets face it, during the warm summer months, it's much easier to venture into nature, stay out late, and linger with the beauty of a sunset.

2. Tourists

My city is filled with tourists in summer. They fill up the streets of the old town of Mostar, roam, take pictures, enjoy the scenery. And it's nice to capture that atmosphere. This way you can get spontaneous and candid shots. Of course, if your city or town is not frequented by tourists, capture them during your own travels (see nr. 5 for more)

3. Summer Vegetation

I love red roses, and I'm always happy to see them blooming in our garden. Summer is the perfect time to capture them. Try various angles on flowers and summer vegetation, like shooting them from straight above. There are many plants that bloom only this time of year, so keep your eyes open.

4. Fruits of Summer

Just with the summer vegetation tip, try shooting (and eating) the fruits of summer. Weather it's cherries, watermelons or peaches, this is the season to capture them in their full glory. Try capturing them in their containers, or displayed on plates. When you shoot fruits, try to wash and dry them first, so that you get a nice shine on them for your photo. Although, leaving a few drops of water on them, can sometime create the effect of freshness. It all depends on what you're going for.

5. Travels

Summer is the season for traveling. Be creative when it comes to travel photography. Shoot wide, go up close. Discover the place you're visiting through your lens. I did an extensive post on travel photography, which you can check out by clicking here. Even though this seems like the obvious summer theme, by using the tips provided in my earlier article, you can come home with some really great travel photos.

6. Food and Dining

Summer lends itself for food and deserts. Try shooting grilled food, ice creams, sorbets. Capture them with lots of light (natural is the best in my opinion), that is coming from one side. Make sure to shoot raw so that you can edit them later on, and use a shallow depth of field, for maximum effect. Try shooting decorated tables with food from above, and use a nice tablecloth or place the food on wood. Works every time. Also check out my 5 Tips for great Food Photography for more inspiration.

7. Outdoor Parties

Gatherings and parties are a common sight in summer. Weather you are hosting or invited to one. Capture the festivities, people, laughter, pets and decorations. The best summer parties are barbecues or cocktail parties. Have your camera with you when you go. I'm sure you will come back with some memorable photos.

8. Beaches and Coastlines

Summer is the time of year to visit beaches and coastlines. They are much more welcoming then in winter. Capture unique angles and definitely go low and shoot wide, that always works well with landscapes. Capture these sights at sunset or dusk (or at dawn if you like to wake up early, I never manage to). Don't just think of sandy beaches, when it comes to this. River and lake shores, work equally well.

9. Towns and Villages

This might seem strange, but when you visit small or old towns, as well as the countryside during summer, life is very much different. I'm not just talking about the flora and fauna, but also about the people living there. There is lots of activity to capture as well as sights that you wouldn't normally get in the other seasons. Think of people cultivating fields, coming for a visit, enjoying the offerings of those places.

10. Nightlife

Nights are always lively in summer, and people love to go out. Try some night photography, and capture people standing in front of ice cream parlors, sitting in cafes and pubs and roaming the streets. The sights will be much more rewarding then in winter, I can assure you.

What are your favorite summer photo ideas?


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