When the darkness rushes over, things change. Gone is the light of day, that shines brightly and gives away everything. As the night takes over, mysteries are born.

Another dark season is ahead of us, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we have to dread it. In today's post I want to share 7 Pictures from the Night, that will hopefully showcase the charm the night possess.

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1. Lines of Gold

The night was in full swing, as we crossed the Danube, on the Budapest Chain Bridge. In the distance the amazing glow of the Hungarian Parliament could be seen. Left from it, a trail of light from the approaching bridge. More from the night in Budapest can be found here.

2. Peaking Out

The night was very cold. Crisp air grabbed my cheeks, as I went outside to take this shot. The full moon was peaking out behind the local hills, and the whole surroundings were dunked in a foreboding green and blue tint.

3. A Moment in Time

As I was standing on the balcony of our apartment in Korcula, during our summer vacation, and gazed out onto the sea, I noticed a fishing boat departing from the harbor. I grabbed my camera, and took this long exposure shot, that tracked the boats movement for one minute. The full moon on this night helped as well, and lit the whole landscape beautifully.

4. Lights in the Distance

A walk on the Vilsonovo walking lane in Sarajevo proved particularly fruitful, when I took this next image. I was standing on a small bridge, overlooking the river Miljacka. The lights from the buildings in the distance were reflecting in the water. I had luck, since there were no other people on the lane.

5. A Sleepless Night

You know the feeling. It's the middle of the night, and sleep just won't come. The light from the moon is shining into your room, and you just have to stand up. On such a night, this image was taken.

6. Budapest at Night

Budapest at night is amazing and that's why I had to include it again in this post. This time the scene is not minimalistic, but in fact very happy and full of night life. If you look closely you will spot the car trails moving through the streets like laser beams. This shot was taken from the Buda Castle.

7. A Night Swim

While visiting the Solaris Beach Resort I came across this rather beautiful beach setting. The sea was welcoming us for a nightly swim. There is something special in taking a plunge into the blackness, opening your eyes deep in the water and swimming through the sea.

I hope you enjoyed these night time images. 
Do you like to take photos of the night and night sky?


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