In the first part of this new series, we made our way up to this tower (click here to view those images). Once we were finally there, a climb into the structure was necessary in order to get to the first floor. There is a long narrow and dark stairwell that leads to it (the second image).

This is a multi-part series, other parts include:
Part Three: The Road Back

click on the images for a bigger view

Once we were inside we took some portraits, and depending on which side of the Tower we took them from, we got different light. It's interesting to compare these two portraits:

This is the north view from the tower, that shows you the road and river Neretva. Following this road north leads us back home to Mostar.

This is the top view inside the tower. As you can see it is rounded as it goes to the top, quite an architectural achievement. The stairwell leads further to the windows above, but I don't know if there ever was an actual second floor, or if it was just a way to get a better sight of the surroundings.

This is the west view from the tower, showing the semi-destroyed outer walls. Behind the walls you can glimpse the river flowing quietly to the nearby sea.

And finally this is the south view showing the old city of Pocitelj.

Once we finished our stay in the Tower we took this narrow path to the outer walls of the fortification. There is a big plateau in front of the walls that gives you an excellent view of the rest of the old town. I'll show you this in part three.

Hopefully you enjoyed the Tower visit. I'll leave you with the image above, of the path that will lead us to part three of this series.


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