In this second part we continue or stay in Bistro Semesnica. The place is relatively new, and was opened a few years back. Right next to the restaurant there is a fish pond, and you can have fresh grilled fish, which is always nice. 

Since it's so far up in the mountains, the air is really fresh and clean. All in all it's a very enjoyable stay. This is the last part of this series. I'll post some images from the drive back through the mountains, tomorrow!

This is a two part series:

click on the images for a bigger view


My mom in front of the waterfalls.

What I love is that you can come up to the animals and pet them, and that they are so familiar with the people, and are not scared at all.

The next image was taken inside on of the cabins above, it's of my sister and her boyfriend.

 The owners live right next to the bistro in this cottage.

Happy trio: my sister, Beni, and I.

Thank you for watching and reading! As I said, this is the last part of the stay, and get ready for some wonderful aerials taken from the mountain road, on the journey back.


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