Last weekend my friends and I visited a nearby medieval town called Pocitelj. It's one of those close places that every tourist visits, and I never go to. It's weird, because I would definitely visit such a town If I were traveling outside the country. Coincidentally this is also my 450th post on this blog! And I couldn't think of any better images to mark this occasion, then those that will follow.

Anyway, we made the trip and in this first part, I'll show you the sights on our way to the main Pocitelj Tower.
This is a multi-part series, other parts include:

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It is believed that the fortified town along with its attendant settlements were built by Bosnia's King Stjepan Tvrtko I in 1383. 

This unique settlement, listed as a UNESCO heritage site and recent reconstruction has returned the town to its original form. 

Počitelj presents one of few urban ensembles in Bosnia and Herzegovina preserved in their integrity to the present time developed through the several phases of the history, beginning with the medieval period. Its important strategic role during the 13th to 17th century gave the power of its inhabitant to build up one of the most important, and best preserved ensembles within the city walls in this region.

The Hadzi-Alija Mosque has been reconstructed as well as the Sisman-Ibrahimpasina medresa and the Gavran Kapetanovic house, all of which are open to visitors. 

There is quite a climb to get to the main fortification, where the tower is located.  It is really impressive to view it from below when approaching it.

We have finally made it! The sun is setting, as you can see, and this will set the stage for the other parts to come!

Coming up in Part Two (on Monday): We visit the Tower and go inside the structure to reveal the secrets that are hidden there. Also: portraits on the town walls and inside the tower!

Let me know what you think of this new series of images in the comments below!


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