While the beginning of June was filled with heat, the second half is off to a rainy start. That's why there haven't been many opportunities to go out and shoot. But that doesn't stop me from taking new images. There is lots to see in the house, and many projects are unfolding, beginning or coming to an end.

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The roses in our garden are blooming in full swing and are also displayed inside the house. They have a really intense scent, almost like a perfume.

Beni is walking the premises regularly, and making sure that everything is in order :)

Nothing goes unnoticed by him...

We still have some walnuts from the walnut tree next to our mountain cottage.

Cooking wise, we have been experimenting with some new bread recipes, and my mom made this white bread with seeds, which was very delicious and had a nice crust.

The lavender is starting to bloom, which is nice. I have also planted new lavender bushes back in April, and they are starting to come out of the earth as well.

Out back in the garden, our small orchard which is filled with orange, pomegranate, tangerine, fig, lemon and lime trees is growing nicely.

Some tangerines are already stating to form, and we are in excitement if we are going to yield the results by the end of the summer.

Rain has been stopping me from venturing out and shooting the rest of my time lapse shots. The ones I took so far, have been processed and edited.

Until the sun returns, we shall seek the comfort and warmth of the house, and ironically, once the heat returns we shall seek the comfort and cold of the house as well. But that's Mostar for you. :)


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