Nature is slowly awakening in the south of the country, and while true milestones have yet to be reached, i took it upon myself recently to shoot some of the in-progress. These images were taken on the outskirts of Mostar, next to the industrial zone. On the hills, you can find cherry trees, that have started to blossom, as well as young leaves, peaking their heads out of the branches.

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A small part of the industrial zone of Mostar bathed in the light of the setting sun.

The next two images have been taken with only a couple of minutes in between. While the first one shows the sunset light, the second one sees the cold afterglow of dusk. You decide which one works best for you.

I love this hour of the day. When everything is still and quiet, and when you can really take evrything in. The city calms down and rush hour finishes. Thanks for stopping by today. The Vienna images are on their way, and I also have some portraits and landscapes from this outing that will be posted later. Take care everyone!


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