We continue our stay in Vienna. After we visited the Museum Quarter and Hofburg Palace we move further into the Inner City. In this part of the city, horse drawn carriages are a often sight. You can book a ride, a stroll down the city, which is quite a unique way to do sightseeing.

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The Imperial Chancellory Wing housed the offices of the Imperial Vice Chancellor After the end of the Holy Roman Empire, this wing housed the apartments of the Duke of Reichstadt (Napoleon II) and later those of Emperor Francis Joseph I.

The Keiser Franz I monument in the middle of the square.

I wanted to visit the Spanish Riding School which is behind these gates, but unfortunately the showing times didn't fit into our schedule. But I did manage to take some shots of horses around the inner city.

I shot a small 0:40 min video with the 6D, to show you the horse drawn carriages in action. You can view this short clip below:

More images from Vienna in part three.


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