The Alpengarten was created in 1803, and is the oldest alpine garden in the world. Unlike the Botanical Garden which has an open layout and is located nearby, the Alpengarten is crammed with plants, and small footpaths criss-cross the garden. A small lodge in alpine style has some exhibits on plants and insects in the Alps. The garden also has a collection of bonsai trees.

This is a multi part travel series. Other parts include

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The Alpine Gardens are located right next to the Belvedere Castle in Vienna. A small gate on the right side of the path leads into the gardens.

Nature is still sleeping here. Some of the wintergreens are keeping their freshness, while most of the flowers and trees are still in the winder sleep.

Many hidden places to take snapshots from :)

Some flowers were emerging from the ground, ringing in the soon arrival of spring.

After our visit to the gardens, it was only a few steps to the Belvedere Castle, which will be our point of interest in part five of this series.


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