And it almost has been 25 years, since these words were uttered. It not only marked an iconic TV moment, but it also launched numerous years of hope for a continuation of Twin Peaks, which is in my opinion, one of the finest TV shows every to air. 

When the series originally premiered in 1990 it was an instant hit, with over 34 million people tuning in to see the first episode. I came fairly late into the game, which was a couple of years ago when the Gold Box DVD Edition came out with all of the episodes. An now the complete series has been announced on Blu-ray for this year.

As much as the show was about the mysteries, it was also about human nature, people from a small town and everyday life. Every detail of the show was palpable, from the dark and moody woods, the winds howling over the mountains to the black lodge. Tomorrow it will be 25 years since the show's mysterious message was supposedly said, and I wanted to make a little tribute. That's why I have played a bit in Photoshop with a montage, which I usually never do.

click on the image for a bigger view 

It shows a variation on the entrance into the Black Lodge, in a forest filled with Sycamore trees. The famous zig-zag floor leads to the red curtains and the mysteries hidden behind.

WHY MARCH 27, 2014 IS 25 YEARS LATER (taken from
In the "Miss Twin Peaks" episode (2x21), Doc Hayward welcomes the audience with 'I hope you've had a good weekend', which sets the pageant on a Sunday night. In 1989 and based on earlier dates mentioned in the show, that would've been March 26. The final episode, Beyond Life And Death, continues the same evening and later that night we see Cooper enter the Black Lodge. A new day arrives in Twin Peaks as Audrey Horne pays a visit to the bank. So later on Monday, March 27, Sarah Palmer meets Major Briggs at the Double R Diner right before we go back to the Black Lodge where Laura tells Cooper she'll see him again 'in 25 years'. That night, Sheriff Truman finds Cooper and Annie unconscious at Glastonberry Grove. The next morning, March 28, Cooper wakes up and realizes he didn't brush his teeth for a while...
If you haven't seen Twin Peaks yet, then please do, you will not be disappointed, even though the series ended on a cliffhanger. 

With the announcement of the Blu-ray edition of the Complete Series, also came a promise of deleted scenes from the show, that were hidden away for 25 years, and that fans have wanted to see forever. They should shed some light on the darkness that was left after the series wrapped up, and the movie Twin Peaks never resolved.

Hope you didn't mind me deviating from my usual photography posts. I'll be back with new content in the next post, and until then, don't forget: "The owls are not what they seem..."


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