As soon as I have talked about early spring arriving and warm and sunny days, rain returned and messed everything up. But luckily it also provided me with unique photo opportunities.

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I took a couple of close-ups of the green leaves in the garden with small drops of rain that had settled on them.

Hanging out in the rain all day, wasn't that much fun, so I went back inside, and looked around for other still life to photograph. And since I was making a salad, I took some snaps of the ingredients.  

Since this is a mish-mash post, I will include a small tip here for food photography. When you want to have shots like the one above and below, look for a big natural light source. A window will do very good. The light source should come strongly from one side, while the other side can be left alone, or if you want it evenly lit, put up a piece of white paper on the opposite side. The paper will reflect the light source back to the food.

The last image is an example of a darker food shot (actually it's a ingredient, but the effect is the same). No back reflection, only a light source from the left side. For a black balsamic vinegar this is quite effective. 

I hope the weather is better where you are, and I also hope this we here will get rid of the rain soon, and get back to warm spring days. If nothing for having a chance to go out and shoot some new material outside of the house.


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