I have taken a lot of images in this place. From our Adventure to the River Spring Series to the recent Cold Mountains post. In this post I wanted to show more of our actual cottage. 

We built it back in 2002 and it was around that time, that I have started to venture out and discover more from this place. It is located in the foot of the mountain Prenj, and the small village is called Sanica. Now, there is a river flowing through this village, that is also called Sanica (the river spring link above shows us actually visiting the spring of that river).

I wanted to share with you some impressions from this place, as well as some recent iPad images that I have taken while visiting again.

click on the images for a bigger view

It's tucked away in the greens of the fields and trees. The big green roof goes all the way down to the ground. The cottage was designed by the same architect that also did our house in Mostar.

Our neighbors are good friends (actually relatives) that have the same design of the cottage, only theirs is designed mirrored to ours.

Now for the recent iPad images. My maltese Beni loves to cool of in the creek (no mater the season), and a new addition to these parts is our neighbors dog called Div. He is very playful and still a puppy. Together they have a lot of fun.

Blossoms have been springing up here as well.

Local farmers are tending to the small fields around this aeria. We also have a small garden, since my mom likes to have fresh organic vegetables.

Back to the Canon images. I want to close of this post with two landscapes from Sanica, that I took back in 2009.

I wish you all an enjoyable weekend, and thank you for stopping by. I hope you liked the photographs.


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