I would love to be able to start this post with promising words of sunshine filled spring days, but unfortunately the rain clouds that came visiting us a couple of days ago, are still hovering above the land.

But not everything is bleak. The rain does stop occasionally and allows for some interesting landscape photography. The images in this post were taken a couple of miles south from Mostar, where I live. I think the rainy atmosphere gives these images something, that they would otherwise lack. Maybe it's the darkness in the sky, contrasted with the nature that is awakening. 

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Don't you just love that moment in nature right after the rain has stopped? It's that smell of wet grass and scents of the wild that spring up and get very enhanced. The calm in the air. The foreboding atmosphere.

Not minding the weather, this cherry tree is happily blossoming and bringing out big white puffs of flowers that will soon make place for green leaves.

Even though, massive dark clouds are high up in the air, the sun manages to peak out occasionally, giving some back light to the trees in the landscape.

I like to go for a close up whenever I get the chance to. It always provides us with a sight that is not common, but also reveals details that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

A couple of lonely trees standing on the edge of the cliffs, overlooking the valley. Morbidly dark clouds push in, bringing with them more rain. While it seems like a burden for us, for nature it's fuel, energy that keeps it going.

As I finish up this post, cold winds from the north are blowing through the lands and even though the weather forecast is promising a nice, sunny, and bright weekend ahead, at this moment, that notion seems very unrealistic.


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