Days are getting warmer, the sun is shining brighter and nature around us, is awakening. It's a beautiful time of the year, where possibilities are wide open and nothing seems impossible. The reawakening and transformation of the world around us is truly remarkable.

Early spring was always my favorite time of the year, after early autumn. Maybe it's because it's interesting to watch everything unfold and come into place, or maybe because we yearn through our lives to understand what these phases truly mean. I wanted to share with you these images of early spring taken around Mostar.

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There is no more welcoming sign of spring then blossoms. From the first pale white and yellow flowers to the intense pink colors that soon follow. And out of it all green leaves emerge setting spring in motion.

Remains of a harsh winter can be found too during this period of the year.

On the hills where we took these images, we found colorful beehives.

I almost went through this spider web, since it was so unnoticeable. But luckily I spotted it, before I could destroy it. It was hung around bare tree branches, and some poor flies were stuck to it waiting for the spider to return.

Nothing says transformation of spring in nature, like the change from brown to green. Where bare branches once stood, green leaves and colors start to emerge.

Of course, we took some portraits as well.

My cousin climbed up the tree I stood under, and we made the following images there.

A low angle makes this image seem somewhat more grand and dangerous then it actually was. I wanted the tree branches to really be big in the shot.


The sun began to set on this early spring day, and while we returned home, the promise of lush greens stayed behind...

I wish you all a happy start into the weekend.

What does the calendar spring look like in your neck of the woods?


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