Without the intention of sounding apologetic, I know that it's somewhat morbid to go to graveyards and take photos of them, but please bear with me. First of all I am showing you another part of Mostar, and second of all I'm showing you a graveyard that might not be common with the ones you see every day.

The Graveyard Saric (Sarica Harem) is located on the southern exit of Mostar, and right next to it is the Sarica Mosque. The usual gravestones for muslim graves are made out of long white stones, that are positioned upwards at the "head" and "feet" of the grave. This graveyard is one of two big city graveyards, the other being Sutina Graveyard which also houses Christian, Orthodox and Atheist grave sights.

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How do you feel on the graveyard as a photo subject?

In my opinion it can hold great value, not only for sentimental purposes, which are obvious, but also for historic and sociological purposes. Then there is also a deep connection to bigger questions, solitude and what once was and what will continue to come.


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