We continue our stay in Blagaj. After having seen the bridges and restaurants on our way to the Tekke, we finaly arrive there in this second part. It's located right next to the spring of the river Buna, which we will further explore in part three.

The river flows out of a 200m cliff wall and screates the Buna River. Unsurprisingly, the Ottoman sultan, during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, was impressed, and ordered a tekke (tekija) to be built right next to it. This 16th century house/monastery was built for the Dervish cults and is still one of the most mystical places in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is open to visitors all year round and serves cold drinks, tea and Turkish coffee in a beautiful garden overlooking the source of the River.
This is a multi part series. Other parts include:
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A close up of the windows of the monastery, newly renovated. This is right next to the cliffs and the river spring.

The tekke is located behind this white building, which serves now as a museum.

Overlooking the rest of the Buna River spring aeria.

These small tables have some nice and intricate engravings on them. These would be commonly used for coffee and drinks, while bigger tables for lunch can be found next to them.

A look up at the roof of the tekke/monastery and the cliffs behind it. From this perspective a vertigo effect can come upon you, as you feel the cliffs coming down on you.

Here is also a very good short video I found of this location on YouTube. This was not filmed by me. All rights go to the original author Renato Kristic. The footage was taken from the air which adds a great view of the surroundings. You can check out his YouTube Channel for more videos like this from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed our stay in the tekke. For the final part, which will probably go up tomorrow, we will visit the heart of the whole journey: the source of the river Buna and the caves where it emerges from.


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