In the final part of the "Above the City" series, we make our way back the city, driving down the hills, back into the Mostar Valley. Some of the darkness had lifted, and the clouds parted to make room for the sun, which gave a beautiful light to the surroundings. Let's take a final look at the slopes around Mostar...

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When you view this rock from the city, it seems like it's just part of the mountain slopes, but when you drive up and look at it from behind, you will see the slopes leading up to the rock itself, dividing it from the rest of the landscape.

Can you spot the sheep on the slopes? They are a bit blended into the grass.

After a couple of minutes, the hills gave way to the view of the city.

The southern part of Mostar. From up here you can see it all.

This was a perfect place for another short stop. I like this shot, because it perfectly combines nature and city, which is something these regions are known for. You never have to drive far to see some beautiful nature. 

Another shot of Mostar. The last image I took. The rest of the way, was our drive back to the main road from which our journey started.

- The End -

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