I am very excited to present to you this new series called "Above the city". Not only, will I be showing you parts of my country that I haven't photographed previously, but I will also be showing parts that I haven't visited before, which is always great. 

What's more, venturing so far up into the surrounding mountains of Mostar, wasn't really our goal on this day, but as we took a turn from the main road that goes through the city, we just couldn't stop driving. The great plains were calling us, and we kept driving. In this series I want to show you the sights along the way.

This is a multi-part series. Other parts include:
Part One: The Great Plains
Part Two: Mountain Velez
Part Three: Return into the Valley

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After a 15 minute drive up the hills, we reached our first stop point. From here you could see Mostar in the distance, as well as the mountains and hills on the other side of the city.

But what proved to be a more exciting view, was the one we got when we turned around. The great plains were in front of us, with the mountain Velez far in the distance. We had a drop in temperature recently, and fresh snow was to be seen on the mountain tops.

A picture of my friend Selma in front of the plains and mountain. Before you ask, we didn't take a single picture of me and there is a good reason for that. As you will undoubtedly notice in Selma's hair, the wind was strong. Actually, not only was it strong, it was furious. We had to return to the car for some time before venturing out again. So I had my hands full with holding the camera and tripod.

I found this pyramid shaped stone sculpture next to the road, but have no idea what the significance of it is.

The other side of the valley was equally exciting, with lots of clouds rolling into the landscape.

I wonder where this road will take you. We stayed on the paved road, and didn't venture into the plains, but it sure looked inviting. 

The windy atmosphere is most apparent in the clouds, which came rushing into the landscape, and leaving again soon, constantly changing shapes and sizes.

A view back into the Mostar valley, with the long and winding road, curving in the landscape.

A lonely weather station, far in the background.

Another view of the mountain Velez in the distance, taken before we returned to the car, and drove further into the plains, closer to the mountain itself.

 End of Part One
To be continued...

I hope you enjoyed these landscapes, as I am very pleased with the images I took this day. I think you will definitely enjoy the other parts to come. Thanks for stopping by.


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