I have waited for a long time to show you the finished result of my numerous shootings in the local hills and mountains around Mostar. It took me many evenings to complete this video. It shows a day as it comes to an end, and how the busy winds slow down and come to peace. It also depicts the colorful transition into the sunset, and the blue hour, when the most vibrant colors of nature show their face.

If you are interested in a behind the scenes look of this timelapse video, click here to view yesterdays post in which I showed some making-of images.

Scroll down for the video!

click on the image for a bigger view

Without further ado, here is the complete new timelapse video "Going to Sleep". Enjoy!
Please make sure to view it in Full 1080p HD and Full Screen for a maximum effect.

There are a lot of details in the video, and you can watch it actually a couple of times, and notice new things. An example: can you spot the sheep in the fields during one camera pan?

Thank you all for visiting. I really hope that you have enjoyed the video, and I hope to make more for you in the future.


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