Bosnia and Herzegovina has become a really popular tourist spot over the last couple of years. Each summer, lots of people visit the country, either during a road trip through the Balkan Region or specifically because they want to see some of the well known places. But as soon as the heat of summer disappears there seem to be fewer people visiting. For me personally the beast time to visit is in Autumn, and even winter has its charm.

In order to get this out before the autumn and winter season approaches I went through 5 Reasons You Should Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina in autumn and winter, even though summer is still in full swing. Of course there are many more reasons to visit. The places and tourist spots I have talked about on this blog are always there, no matter the season. 

This post rather goes into detail why this time of year in Bosnia and Herzegovina should not be missed. I hope you will enjoy it!

1. Mild climate in the South of the Country

For me this is the number one reason. Summer has its charm, but the temperatures go way up (a 45 degrees Celsius / 113 degrees Fahrenheit in Mostar is a regular in July), so much in fact, that they limit your ability to truly enjoy walking around the country and exploring everything. But when the temperatures drop around September and October, I personally love going out more. Even if you are just hanging out in one city, it will be much more enjoyable.

2. Winter activities in the Mountains

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a couple of so called Olympic mountains, since the Winter Olympics were held here back in 1984. These mountains include Jahorina, Bjelasnica, Vlasic and others, and they are still visited today in winter. You can find many hotels, resorts, spas, mountain lodges, restaurants and of course ski paths there. As soon as the first snow falls, these places open up and welcome in visitors. The fresh air combined with some really beautiful nature here makes this one of the bigger reasons to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina in winter.

3. Exploring the Region is easier

This is a combination of the first and fifth point. There are fewer people visiting and the weather is much more enjoyable, which makes exploring the country easier. But there are other factors here as well. The hotels and accommodations have more open spots, a car rental is easier to find, roads are not filled with many cars and finding those quiet spots seems that much more possible.

4. Autumn colors in the Landscapes

When the leaves turn color, the scenery and country transform. The south is greeted by winds from the north and the green longer. Northern Bosnia and Herzegovina turns color much more quickly and you get sweeping mountain vistas, parks and valleys colored in red, orange and yellow. After the leaves fall of in winter, the scenery transforms again, and you can find beauty in those times as well.

5. Fewer people in popular spots

Bigger cities like Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka get a lot of visitors during the summer season. Sarajevo especially during the Sarajevo Film Festival, which is being held there every year. Nightlife is mostly crowded and while its really great to be in a city filled with life, the autumn and winter season actually gives you a chance to catch your breath and take a better look at the views in front of you.

I hope this article can help you in deciding to come and visit during the later part of the year. You will love it!


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