The Neretva River Canyon is in my opinion one of the most picturesque river canyons in the Balkan. Driving down the M-17 road from Jablanica to Mostar will give you great sights to take in. I'm driving this road constantly, when we visit out Mountain Cottage, but I never really stop on the side of the road to take pictures. Yesterday I was driving down the road at sunset/dusk and I had my camera with me so I decided to stop occasionally and take shots of the prettiest sights I could find.

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Night hadn't set yet here, and that's why I saw a couple of fisherman with their boats out on the Neretva. The mountain cliffs here are huge and you can see layered stones on each side of the road.

Beni was also there with me. He got a new haircut in Sarajevo and we stopped at our mountain cottage, which was close by, so he was back to being dirty real quick :D He stayed behind in the (cool, air conditioned and running) car as I was taking the next images outside.

This road presents a very scenic drive and it's a very safe road as well. You can stop and take pictures and you will also find many reststops with benches and tables along the way.

At the entrance to the small village Dreznica, I stopped again to take a view at the sunset that was happening behind the mountains. A rail road bridge crosses the Neretva river here, and behind the hills you can find the village.

An old lookout spot is hidden here in the green scenery.

My next stop was very close to Mostar. Here you can see the long road leading into the distance, as well as a few tunnels that are piercing the cliffs in order to make a path for it. There was a lot of traffic coming from the south and this part of the M-17 road is traveled a lot each day.

A lonely fisherman on the green tinted river is the last sight I capture for the day, as I gaze one final time at the tranquil reflections of the scenery in the Neretva, and head back home to Mostar.

I hope you enjoyed these scenic sights from the Neretva River Canyon. Below you can find the map of the drive where you will encounter these views.


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