Our stay in Prague was truly great. It's a city full of art, history, tourist attractions and wonderful sights. There is a lot to see here, and it can be daunting on a fellow traveler to figure out what to see if he or she has a short amount of time. We only stayed four days in Prague, and it was all about managing to see everything, but also to enjoy ourselves.

In our extensive, 5-part travel series to Prague, I pretty much showed everything that we did in the four days that we spent in this amazing city. But I never really spoke about my favorite places that we saw and things that are an absolute must. In this post, which is sort of an extension of the series, I will list my personal Top 10 Things to Do in Prague.

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1. Prague Castle and Gardens

If I had to pick one part of the city that impressed me the most, then it is the Prague Castle and the Gardens. You will find hundreds of things worth noticing here and discovering. The history of the city begins with the Castle which was founded in the 9th Century. The buildings enclosed by the Castle walls include a palace, three churches and a monastery. The gardens are beautifully maintained and you will find some great lookout spots onto Prague.

2. The Old Town Square

The Old Town Square with the Old Town Hall (image above) is the tourist hub of the city. It's the most crowded place but also a part of the city which you can't miss. Don't fall into the obvious tourist traps like the souvenir shops and cafes here. Everything will be overpriced. But make sure to see the Astronomical clock behind the tower and to generally enjoy the surroundings. Get yourself a guidebook or a map that shows you what all those buildings are.

3. Jewish Synagogue

The streets and buildings in the Jewish district are pristine and there is so much grand architecture to be seen. One of the most prominent sights here the the old synagogue. The synagogue was originally called the New or Great Synagogue and later, when newer synagogues were built in the 16th century, it became known as the Old-New Synagogue. The image above does not show the synagogue, but rather a side building next to it.

4. River front of the Vltava

This is a truly calm part of the city and I just had to include it in this list. If you want a resting spot after a whole day of sightseeing, just walk down towards any point of the river Vltava and you will find it. For me personally, the best place to rest was at the east side of the Manus Bridge. You have a great lookout spot there towards the Prague Castle on the other side of the river. Perfect for a photo as well.

5. Charles Bridge

A list of tourist spots in Prague wouldn't be complete without it: the Charles Bridge is certainly not to be missed. But as with any really popular spot, it will be crowded. And the crowds really do flock here early in the day. You can try to beat them if you come here really early but that won't always help. We were there midday and it was a bit too much for me. I think sunset might be better.

6. Nightlife in Prague

Prague comes to life at night. The old town district, as well as the Jewish quarter are the best places to be in at night. Of course, beer lovers will have a full heart in Prague, as you can get the fresh brewed beverage in many incarnations in any pub or restaurant in the city. We recommend the Dubliner Pub in the Old Town District as well as the James Joice Pub in the Jewish Quarter.

7. Jewish Cemetery

A haunting yet mesmerizing sight of Prague is the Jewish Cemetery. The Jewish community was persecuted at times here, and this a result of one of those times. Jewish people were only allowed to be buried here, and once the place filled up, the bodies were stacked one on top of the other, sometimes having as much as 12 layers. As you walk inside of it, you will definitely feel goosebumps.

8. St. Vitus Cathedral

A walk around the St. Vitus Cathedral takes you back through a thousand years of history. From the wonderful Golden Gate to the intricate exterior, you will want to see it. It's located in the Castle district. Next to it you will find the presidential buildings, and the whole surroundings host many interesting objects and streets like the Golden Lane that housed the Castle's guards and gunners (here you will have to pay entrance).

9. Vojan Park

We discovered this little park by accident while roaming the streets. The whole park is walled in, and only a small entrance through one of the side streets gives you a complete view of the place. Another resting spot between the Charles Bridge and the Castle District.

10. Roaming the Streets

This seems like an obvious tip, but so much can be discovered in Prague, simply by roaming the streets. Never be held down by the fact that you have to visit certain tourist spots. Allow yourself to wander off and see what else is there. We discovered many things that way, and I wouldn't change it. Take a minute to absorb the beauty of the European capital, sit in a small corner cafe, observe the people, walk of the beaten tourist path. In this city, you will be rewarded for it.

What part of the city is speaking to you the most?
Do you have any suggestions for Prague?
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