The summer heat is not escaping anywhere soon in the southern parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. While on a recent trip I snapped these images of the woods and small river Sanica, close by to our mountain cottage. It seems like this is the only place to escape to these days, where the nights are not warm. Mostar has very hot nights, and sleeping in air conditioned rooms (while necessary) is tiring after a while. Having said that, the afternoons are almost the same everywhere when it comes to temperature.

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Beni and his friend Div are embarking on a small hike while on their play date. I really love bringing Beni here since I can let him off his leash. He loves to roam about and I feel pretty safe letting him go. Of course I'm always with him. In the image below you will see firewood being prepared. Even though the winter season feels like it will never come, this is the perfect time to get the wood dry and stored.

We leave the mountain cottage and head over to the path that will lead me to a small bridge, under which the river Sanica flows. It's a cold mountain river and we recently visited the spring of it.

It's hot outside, and while Beni is happy to play and jump, the lab, Div, needs some resting time. To each its own I say. There is not much else to do here. After I cleaned Beni up, we return to the cottage where he falls asleep for a bit until waking up and wanting more action. When the sun sets here, it's quite nice to be outside. But before that I'm always breaking in sweat. Luckily the many trees here provide enough shade so that taking some pictures outside during the afternoon is not too tiring.

How are you spending your summer afternoons?


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