I have visited these royal gardens in Vienna a couple of times now, but each time it's striking, just how beautiful they are. I never got the chance to take some images during sunset, so I very much enjoyed being able to do it, during our latest trip to Vienna.

What I most love about them, is that even though It's a frequented tourist spot, there are so many places where you can escape to and simply enjoy the place to yourself. If you manage to come during the golden hour, as I did, then it will be even easier.

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There are so many sculptures and statues dotted throughout the gardens, and each comes with its own story and meaning.

For a not too steep entrance fee, you can visit the inner rooms of the Schönbrunn Palace.

The gardens are free to roam. There are some special places inside of them that you'll have to pay for to see, like the labyrinth garden or zoo.

For me it's best enjoyed, when slowly walking around, taking in all the beauty and thinking about the history of this place.

Thank you all for visiting. I hope you enjoyed today's post. For the complete six-part Vienna travel series, click here.


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