We have had some really great sunny winter days lately. And this usually means that the night skies that follow those days are pierced with stars. At night it's really amazing to gaze into such a sky, so I decided to go out and capture some of the night scenes from Mostar.

You won't find many people on the streets, since it's very cold. Most of them are in cafes, restaurants, bars or at home. This gave me an opportunity to get some interesting cityscapes.

click on the images for a bigger view

A long exposure shot from the Tito bridge in Mostar, looking over the pedestrian bridge Bunur with the river Neretva rushing underneath.

A walking path, decorated for the holidays, leading to the Gymnasium Mostar.

The city park at night. Stars high above it, as the darkness swallows in the trees and bushes.

A look at the Hotel Bristol, and the Tito bridge.

Back in the warmth of the home. Beni eagerly waiting to be let out.

I hope the winter nights are not to harsh where you live. Have a great Sunday, and thanks for stopping by.


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