As we departed from the village we had visited in the previous part, it seemed that we saw and captured everything that was there. But as the sun was slowly starting to set over the mountains, not only did we start to see the whole place in a different light, but we also began discovering sights spread out through the valley that we hadn't seen on our journey there.

So sit back, and enjoy the final part in this series, where we take one final look at a valley, that I now hope won't stay forgotten.

This is a multi-part travel series. Other parts include:
Part One: Drive into the Unknown
Part Two: The Village Zijemlje
Part Three: Remains of Years Past

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The Old Graveyard

We took a different road out of the village, then the one we drove in, and on our way back we saw this really old graveyard, probably dating back to when the Ottoman Empire was ruling these regions. The various headstones were spread out in a fenced in field, peacefully overlooking the surrounding mountains. Not a bad place to spend eternity. 

The sun had already began to set, and I was surprised how quickly the light started to fade in the valley. It didn't stop us from further exploring what was there, but I couldn't wait to drive up the mountains again to see some of that lovely golden light from the sunset.

Leaving the Village

As we were leaving behind the frontiers of the village, we saw another (more modern) graveyard, as well as the administrative center of this municipality. At first I wondered if there were any objects of government here, but I did see a house (second image down), that I later found out was a, albeit modest and small, town hall.

The road was starting to take us up into the mountains and out of the shadows that were increasingly starting to surround the valley. The peaks of mountain Rujiste could be seen in the far distance, as we were heading toward them. Some dark clouds started rolling in from the north, but luckily never reached us.

The golden valley was behind as the sun was setting and we were back on the mountain road, we came in at first.

Mountain Views

We were driving up the mountains, slowly but surely driving back to the main road that would take us home. I stopped the car frequently so that we could take some images of the surrounding landscapes. From forests to mountains, everything was preparing for the day to come to an end.

We had a great time here, and I was glad that the we took the side road into the unknown, and saw this valley and the village. As a thank you, the valley sent us off with some great light from the sunset, and we made our way to a mountain lodge and restaurant, just 3 miles down the road to get something to eat. A great day in the mountains came to an end.

The End


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