When the nights are long, cold and dark, it's nice to visit the shops and take in some of the sparkling warmth from the lights. Around Christmas the various stores in the city transform into warm harbors and shields from the cold outside. I took my camera with me during our recent visit to a home-decor store. Hopefully you will enjoy these, and I hope they will bring some warmth into your cold nights as well.

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I really liked these purple-green-yellow decorations. Might even get them for my tree.

Some rather expensive artificial Christmas trees were in the middle of the store.

I love this little corner with many different things to discover.

Admittedly, I love snooping around home goods stores like this one. Especially when they offer unique looking nick-nacks and furniture.

So many to choose from...

The candle display in the next shot:

Have a great weekend ahead.
What is lighting up your days in the dark season?


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