The transformative powers in nature are quite astonishing. Each season holds certain beauties that can go unnoticed. Winter for example is associated with snow, lights of the night, christmas trees, but not so much with bare landscapes. I wanted to showcase some local plains near Mostar, where the cold winter season has taken a toll on the vegetation, and where only winter greens survive.

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I love the crisp cold winter air, that bites your cheeks. Venturing into these regions is no easy task for those who chill easely. This is a really awesome spot for visitors to explore. It's a site of Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina, you won't find on any tourtist map.

In order to get here you need to divert from the main M-17 route that goes through Mostar and drive to the lookout spot "Fortica" from which you continue driving to these plains, sometimes known as "Podvelezje", meaning "At the foot of the mountain Velez" (which you will see in a couple of images later).

Roads here are few and narrow. They pierce through the stony hills and make their way over the valley all the way to the foot of even bigger mountains.

As I was approching mountain Velez, I noticed a big snow cloud hovering above it. Fresh snow had fallen on this day, giving a uniqe look to these southern regions of Europe.

A path leading into the winter green woods. I love the many places you can photograph here. Wherever you turn around there is a sight worth noticing.

As you make your way back to the city of Mostar, you will spot many unique rock formations. Some even include ruins of old fortresses and world war II hide out spots. That's why I said, that there is lot to discover here. It simply gives you a new perspective of these parts of my country, that you would othervise not see.

I hope you enjoyed these looks into the cold days around here.

How is winter treating you guys?


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