As the year is coming to an end, we all get reflective on it and try to compose what has happened and where we're moving to next. Last year I did a two-part look back at my favorite images I had posted. For this year I wanted to do something different. In this post I will showcase the most popular posts of 2014 on Mersad Donko Photography, sorted by month. I wanted to show what was the most popular and which posts got the best response.

With a little work I went through my Google Analytic and Blogger Statistics, and picked the most popular blog post in each month, for 2014. After reading this, I want you to tell me if this is an accurate representation of your own views on what should be popular, and maybe even tell me if some blog posts are missing from this list that you liked.

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January 2014: Golden Sunset Clouds

This was the most popular blog post in January this year. The images show a golden sunset over this hills and mountains of south Herzegovina, and dramatic effect this has on the clouds, that are hovering in the sky.

February 2014: Bosnian Sarma Recipe (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls)

There are 3 recipes on this list, and this is the first one. Posted in mid-February it is a classic Bosnian dish, perfect for the cold season.

March 2014: Our Cottage in the Mountains

An escape to the mountains, proved to be the highlight of March. In this post I showed our little house in the mountains, dogs playing in the yard, as well as the many hidden spots of the village Sanica, on the foothills of mountain Prenj.

April 2014: Night on the Sea

These here were quiet moments on the beach, that I loved shooting as much as I loved the pictures that came out of it. And so did you. A night on the beach, overlooking the Croatian town Sibenik at night, was the most popular post in April 2014.

May 2015: Passing Time

This was my 600th Post, and it showed one of two timelapse videos I made this year. While the first timelapse showed in this post was only a test run, it proved interesting enough and was the most visited post in May.

June 2015: Peach Ice Cream Recipe

This Peach Ice Cream Recipe post, was not only the most visited post in June 2015, it is also the most viewed post of all time, on my blog. Maybe it is because it was posted during the prime season for peaches, but this post (that is still trending as I type this) contains one of the most delicious Ice Cream Recipes you will ever eat!

July 2014: Summer in the Woods

While the picture above doesn't depict woods, the post that houses it sure does. This was the most popular post in July, that is still trending today!

August 2014: The New Kitchen

August was a big month for me. I moved into a new house. And while I did an elaborate house tour post, this one here with some first images from my new kitchen, was more popular.

September 2014: Reflections on the Lake

These wonderful reflection images from the Jablanica Lake marked the highlight from September 2014. The scenic views from this post, were amongst my favorite lake images I had ever taken.

October 2014: Cherry Strudel Recipe

October had two baking posts. This one here as well as the Greek Baklava Recipe. This wonderful Cherry Strudel Recipe post by my good friend Selma, was the most popular post in this month.

November 2014: The Vanishing Road

My introductory post to the "Visiting Rujiste" travel series was the highlight of November. Followed by a three-part photo series, "The Vanishing Road" set the stage for one of the weirdest road trips I took in 2014!

December 2014: Stars over Mostar

As the nights were getting colder and colder in Mostar, going out was more and more challenging. The city is known for heavy winds in winter. But on this winter night everything was perfect, and I managed to capture (thanks to some long exposure) stars glowing over the city.

I wish you all Happy New Year.
How will you be spending New Year's Eve?

Thank you so much for all your visits and for your continued support.

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